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I have a confession to make.

I SUCK at follow-through. Truly. Over the past few years I have started, designed, and prettified almost 10 online journals only to have them collect dust and singe their pages into ashy nothingness. When it comes to ideas, I have a plethora. I can execute them with drill team precision, but when it comes to maintaining a journal I fall embarrassingly short. The shiny is gone. I move onto another project which will keep my interest.

Well, as this is the start of a new year (by pagan standard), I am turning over a new autumn leaf. My goal is to keep this WordPress journal updated and active for one whole year. My reward at the end of the 365 day commitment is I will purchase a full-fledged domain for THE WANDERING LANTERN and make it my primary blog.

Do we have a deal?

Artwork credit goes to Jarons20 @ DeviantArt.com

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