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Plot Pirate Writing Altar Tin

I have not contributed to NaNoWriMo since Tuesday. I’m in a holding pattern of just over 12,000 words and I should be at 20,000 by all sensible standards. Am I worried? No. Am I stressing? Not yet. Am I motivated to ignore this blog post and sprint onward in my novel at no-holds-barred finger-lightning speed??


My motivation is taking a nap for some reason. Small little bits on a blog it can handle, but the daunting hurdle of writing 2K or 5K makes it want to serve up a full-bodied sigh with an eye roll garnish. I’ll get my groove back, I know I will.

In the meantime, I do have my spiffy, handy-dandy, Plot Pirate Writing Altar. This baby helps kick me in the ass when I need it (BOY do I need it) and it’s a reminder on just how darn creative I can be. A few years ago, my friend Inno invited me over so we could each make one. So, blame her. With an Altoid Tin, some fimo clay, a little bit of pre-Twilight sparkles, stones, and some sturdy E-6000 I created this Altered Traveling Altar in one afternoon.

Feel free to check out more of Inno’s crafty traveling tins

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