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Or rather a very awesome sale transaction between myself and Rowan. Yesterday as I was attending my first public shamanic ritual, I neglected to bring along Hooves, my round skin drum. I purchased him earlier this year from Cedar Mountain Drums in Portland (plug, plug) and I’m still developing a relationship with him. As I was still mentally loopy from the previous night’s NaNoWriMo write in, I completely spaced on having Hooves tag along.

Fortunately, Rowan, who lived nearby Lupa, went and fetched her spare drum so that I could participate in Lupa’s journeying. Rowan brought back a metal doumbek, a bit tarnished for wear, yet lovely just the same. I gently rubbed the natural skin (not sure what kind, could be goat) to warm it up and in the process I asked the drum if I may borrow it for the ceremony.

It was very courteous and wanted eagerly to be of assistance. Very cool.

With Hooves, I have a soft leather beater I use with it. It’s tone is high, but I rarely use my hands to thump out the rhythm because it simply does not work as well. Yet with the doumbek, as I gently rapped with my finger tips, its vibrations were rippling and strong. When Lupa invited Bear and began dancing, my fingertips turned into full on hand contact as I thumped heavy, sure beats. This drum can be gentle and rough.

I had decided right then and there, that when I get the funds, I wanted to buy myself a doumbek. Interestingly, it is called a doumbek because of the two sounds it can make: a DOUM in the center of the drum and the sharp BEK near the rim. Middle Eastern belly dancers and tribal dancers love this drum for that very reason.

I thanked Rowan for allowing me to use her doumbek and it was then she said, “Well, if you are interested in eventually getting one, would you like that one? I haven’t been giving it the attention it deserves for a while now and I’d like to know it’s going to home where it will be cared for.” She offered a reasonable price and I agreed that when I get the funds (I’m still looking for work like about every other person out there), we can seal the deal. Rowan went one step further, “Why don’t you just take it home now and pay me when you can?”

I was beyond words at such a gesture of generosity and trust. I gave her my word she will get paid when I get the money (I have a virtual post-it note on my laptop to remind me) and I thanked her profusely.

So, last night on the New Moon, I polished my new drum.

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