Undiluted Type

Priestess. Writer. Geek.

But I am not. Instead I am finagling with various Twitter apps trying to determine which one I prefer over all the others.

Twitterific is nice. I do like the shiny customization you can do to make it transparent and have a shadow. What I do not like, however, is all of my DM’s and replies are tossed into the same bin as the streaming tweets and I have to do some monster scrolling to find them. Alas there is nothing in preferences that I could find to change this.

Tweetie is awesome. You get one column for the tweets, but along the left hand side there are icons which represent DM’s, Replies, and Current Conversation. When any of those are updated, a little blue dot appears next to it. You click and it changes the the column to that display. Very handy and my personal favorite.

Tweetdeck is also quite impressive. If you are an uber organizer, this is the tweet app for you. You can sort out the celebrity tweets from your friend tweets from corporate tweets from musician tweets into their designated columns that you create. One can also change its colour scheme and I love being able to customize an app to fit my tastes. Also, I can add a Facebook column and be able to see my FB status feed without opening up another window. Shiny and nifty one stop shopping. Tweetdeck gets 2nd place.

Yes, I am procraftinating on my NaNo novel. Why do you ask?


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