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Writers use many tools to help craft their stories. Some use outlines, others use the snowflake method, a few might use index cards, and then there are those of us who use tarot cards.

When I prep for NaNoWriMo in October, I try and create an outline of plot points and a few character sheets. Nothing too detailed because I would like the characters to help write the story and see where they take it, but nothing so flimsy I am left pounding my redhead on the desk due to lack of direction.

My plot bunny is angsty and I am currently experiencing the dreaded writer’s block.

My outline shows me how the story gets started and how it will end, yet that part in the middle? Kinda fuzzy. Currently my MC is traveling to an otherworld and though I know what her demise may or may not be, I am having frustrations over what other incidents will happen on her journey before the big ending. That is where my tarot cards come in.

Using tarot cards to ignite imagination for a writer is nothing new. Corrine Kenner wrote about it extensively in “Tarot for Writers” and my dear friend, Jaymi Elford, also discusses this technique in her blog at Shades of Maybe. Yet this is the first time I have adopted this tool for NaNoWriMo.

Since I am writing a dark fairy tale with no fairies, I figured the perfect deck would be “Tarot of the Sweet Twilight” (Artwork by Cristina Benintende, published by Llewellyn). It is dark and sweet. I love it. (Ed. Note – this is not a deck review, this is deck gushing).

The Two of Wands is propped up against my screen because the young girl looks exactly like my MC. The imagery within the cards ignites my creativity by figuring out what this otherworld looks like, to designing eccentric fairies my MC meets along the way, to possible new plot points. I could even do a tarot reading on my MC if I am so pro-actively inclined, but at the moment I am sticking with what images sparks my muse into overdrive.

So if you ever feel stuck in a writer’s rut, give tarot a try.

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