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My home is comprised of many different altars. I have my working altar, my goddess dedicated altar, my altar to deceased furkid, my altar to deceased father…..you name it, somewhere in my house are little erected sacred spaces.

However, not all of them are stationary.

During NaNoWriMo, I posted a picture of my Writer’s Altar, with plot pirate and all, made out of an Altoid Tin. That was my first stab at creating one. Well, after I cut my teeth on that one, I went back and made a Have Altar Will Travel for whenever I go on hikes or camping or to festivals.

The outside of my HAWT tin (LOL! Okay, that abbreviation wasn’t even planned. I apologize for the dorkiness) is basic fimo clay and pearlized dust one can get at any craft store.

The inside where my totem and the elements are represented and honored. The feather blocks it, but on the right side is a small bottle filled with lavender seeds and the fabric is color coordinated to rep the directions/elements.

Quite a few folks have mentioned what a brilliant idea this is, but I hate to break it to them — this isn’t new. I’m just passing on the Enabling. My dear friend jaymi is the crafty woman to blame for passing it on to me in the first place! You may check out her creations for inspiration HERE. As you can see, she’s been doing this a lot longer than I.


One thought on “Have Altar Will Travel

  1. Jeremy says:

    That looks so awesome. I have to say though that when you said that your altar isn’t stationary, I pictured an altar floating around your room or an altar that moves on mini railroad tracks.

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