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Last night I had a very interesting experience regarding group mentality. I was invited, via livestream video, into the home of Amanda Fucking Palmer who put on a small concert and chatted with fans while sipping red red wine.

It was an awesome time which I shall blog about tomorrow. What brings me to this post is during her webcast, she floated a plastic squid playfully across the screen. All 1,000 of us fans were laughing pretty hard and saying so in the chat room.

I then remembered a truly rocking piece of artwork by Hwango at DeviantArt.com.

A geeky smile crept across my face and I immediately chatted, “Behold it is the festive YULE SQUID.”

To my utter amazement, within seconds, people started typing YULE SQUID over and over and over again. You see, I am usually one or five steps behind what is considered currently hip. When I find out about something, my uber in-the-know friends were already made aware a few weeks prior. I mean, they introduced me to LOLcats SIX MONTHS after the site went live. But I’ve gotten better, the delay has shrunken considerably.

So when I saw all these chatters chime in with “Yule Squid”, I figured that, oh yes, yet again I was behind on the hipness. They all know about Yule Squid. Imagine my shock this morning when I found out I wasn’t. Google “YULE SQUID” and the first and only link you get is to Hwango’s original artwork. Nothing else. Peoples’ reactions to a fun concept was equivalent to me sitting at the back of the class, mumbling it, and having people next to me raise their hands in eagerness to share with teacher Amanda. I find the lemming reaction utterly fascinating.

Was my quick blurb original? No. It was inspired. Yet to see Amanda Fucking Palmer (for indeed, that is her name) lean towards the webcam, scan the chat room, and chuckle, “Yule Squid. That’s awesome. They’re saying ‘Yule Squid’,” did place a cozy over my geek-filled heart.

And if you wish to spread the holiday message of Yule Squid, the artist has set up a Cafepress shop right here.

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