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Plainly put, the accuracy of weather is a fine art which our local meteorologists do not appear to practice. All day long I have waited for the doom and gloom of the one to four inches of white stuff they predicted. The only thing falling from the sky is rain, which I find extremely ironic considering the past week we have been suffering from dry climate and below freezing temperatures. We finally get moisture headin’ our way and it comes in the form of 34 degree rain.

Fooey, fooey, and fizzy.

I was really hoping for some wonderful snowed-in time. Not needing to go anywhere, enjoying the silence snow always brings, watching the scenery slowly get buried; these are things I love to do when it snows. Take note that driving is not among them.

Oh well. Maybe next time. I suppose I’ll have to settle with my white tabletop tree.

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