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As it has been about five days since my last post, I believe it is safe to say I failed NaBloPoMo for this month at least. However, I am proud with how I have kept up this blog since Oct. 31st. By now I would have fallen off the face of earth because the shiny was just not there anymore. To me, this blog is still quite shiny and I am determined to eventually make it the HUB whereas my LJ and DW will be cross-posted.

Weather around here has shifted yet again. Last week we were in the teens, this week it’s the balmy 40’s and 50’s. Still no snow but plenty of rain (thankfully, not the freezing kind).

I’ve finished knitting one Yule gift and currently working frantically on finishing the second. Speaking of knitting, I attended my Guild’s Holiday Party last night and it was rather joyous. All 100 members brought potluck dishes, we had a gift swap, and for those who paid for 2010 membership early received one of these nifty doodads. If you are a knitter of various on-going projects, like myself, one can never have too many Knit Kits because you need one for every. single. knitting. bag/basket.

Tonight is a Yule Party and tomorrow is more knitting. A rather mundane post, I admit it, but sometimes life is that way. In closing, I leave you with a portrait of my scholarly looking fur kid.

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