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From an old journal entry two years ago.

A few minutes before 12:00PM on Sunday, January 13th, 2008, my beloved furry companion Embers passed on into the Summerlands.

Last night her condition took a turn for the worst as she had become very quiet and very still and even winced a bit at some pain. But as she was one who never played by the rules, she lived through the evening, to be greeted with a perfectly sunny day (SUNday).

Since Friday evening she had stopped eating and drinking all together. And I believe her kidneys were starting to deteriorate. Plus, in one week she dropped more weight and weighed in at 4 lbs.

I had promised her and myself, that when she began to shut down, I would take care of her and end her discomfort. My intellect knew I was making the right choice; however, my heart kept pleading, “just one more day, just one more day.” But I could not be that selfish. It was time to let the furry love of my life for the past thirteen years go.

All I can say was the vets were very sympathetic and professional. I got to spend quite a few moments giving Embers my peace, something I had done at least 10 times in the last 2 days. I thanked her; I honored her; and I cherished and loved her completely. I asked Great Spirit to take care of her. Then we let each other go.

The last thing she felt was my gentle scritching of her chin. The last thing she saw were my loving blue eyes.

Now my apartment feels hollow without her. No sounds of her squeaks and chirps. No feeling of her paws padding my thigh while I sit typing at the computer. No smell of her soft fur under my chin. My baby is gone from this world and it feels incomplete without her in it.

ADOPTED 10/1994 at 7 years of age.
PASSED AWAY 1/13/2008 at the age of 20.

Embers “Grand Dame” left my life in body but not in spirit. I still cry for her. Her regal presence continues to be a part of my family as she watches, like a sentinel, from her own altar.


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