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I was invited to go camping this holiday weekend with my very cool and very eclectic group of friends. As fun as it has been in the past, this time around my body cringed and my spirit rejected the idea. “No thanks,” I said. It was nothing personal (and they know this), but after spending four days at Beltane between rain showers, down pours, sky breaks, and drizzle, I was officially done with feeling cold and damp.

Besides, my taste for large groups has dwindled as of late.

Rather than waste this holiday weekend stuck at home, it was suggested I house-sit at my good friends house while they camped. Brrrrrrrriiiiiilliant, I say! It would ease their minds knowing someone they trusted was around to keep an eye on the furrkids, plus it would give me a much needed getaway to be ALONE. Just me, myself, and my shiny I.

A chance to stretch my wings and EXHALE.

A cozy abode that doesn’t remind me of home, but is still familiar and comforting. A place where I can let go and not be distracted so I can write, journal, process, and meditate. A weekend retreat for my Soul.

Also, the kick-ass entertainment system, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 doesn’t hurt a geek girl either.

When I walked through the front door, I unloaded my bag and put away the groceries I purchased. But more importantly, I set up “Introspection Station” on their pub square dining room table. On one end is my laptop and going clockwise are my journals / tarot deck, a mini-shrine to my goddess, and my current knitting projects.

This will NOT be a weekend of distractions (that’s what home is for). No, this will be a working weekend of inner construction (watch out for those chakra pot holes!) and outer exhaling.

Time to rise up.

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