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Today marks Week 3 of my new exercise routine. So far, so good.

I’ve kept to my inner promise of working out 4 days / week for 30 minutes each time. During this time I have made some fascinating discoveries about myself.

Lesson the First: I actually LOOK FORWARD to working out. When the hell did that happen? I hated it in my 20’s, bored with it in my 30’s, but now when the clock strikes 2:30pm so I can jet out of the office, I look forward to the release my body and brain will undergo.

Lesson the Second: It loosens me up. Due to a six year old whiplash injury, I was under the impression any hardcore exercise would cause my neck and shoulders to become aggravated (one of the main reasons I’m a bit hesitant in doing Pilates or Yoga). I was wrong. Stress and swift barometric pressure changes cause my neck to throb in a very persistent ache. Today was one of those days. By 7am I was wearing my heated spa neck wrap as I plodded through file after file; email after email. The pain sucked quite a bit out of me that I almost opted to go home instead of the gym. But I kept to my promise. Plus, I know me. If I were to bag out today and then tomorrow because of the Solstice, my ass would be dragging on Wednesday. I need to keep the routine going. So I ran on the elliptical for 22 minutes and stretched for 10. While I was in the zone of running, I nonchalantly stretched my neck. POP! Crack! The pain was gone.

Lesson the Third: Screw the tv screens with it’s shows and golf games, just give me a window to look out of and that is my focal target. Every Gym Day, I pick the one elliptical directly in front of the window which showcases a very green, very billowy tree. There is a leaf that is perfectly level with my eye-line and neck and I use that as my focus while I breathe and pound my feet to the music. That leaf and I have established a relationship. “Hello Leaf Friend, we’re going for 22 minutes again today. Can you help me stay on track?”

“Sure, Human Friend! Watch me as I twist in the breeze. Marvel at my greenness and I will keep you from being distracted.”

I’m sure there are other lessons I am forgetting, but those are the top three. Today was a good day. The sweat was exhilarating. The sense of accomplishment brought me out of my Monday Mopes.

I also Leveled Up today. Oh yeah. My mana is strong and I’m gaining experience points so I can Level Up to number 3 on that elliptical.


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