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Praise be to Helios, Lord Sun, Keeper of Light.
He who has been by my side, guiding me, comforting me
While my two goddesses kick my ass and drop anvils upon my stubborn head.

Hairs of curl, arms of warmth, smile of fatherly pride
I honor you Helios on this your Day of Days.
May your sunlight grant this priestess clarity and courage as she continues to walk her path.

Litha (aka Summer Solstice) is a very important sabbat to me. Granted it’s not my favourite, but it is very special for its significance. When I looked at my calendar last night I was trying to remember if I had the years correct. Did I start on this path in 1994 or 1996? Did I receive the gods and goddesses blessing of my priestesshood six or seven years ago? To my surprise, one anniversary was longer than the other.

Today marks my official 15th Anniversary of being on the Pagan Path. In 1996 on the Summer Solstice, I performed my first ritual. Taking a few elements from a Wicca 101 book and then intuitively adding my own, I created my first and quite successful working. Results happened in seven days.

This sabbat also marks my 8th Anniversary of being a teaching, guiding, ceremony performing Priestess. Some of my friends like to place a “High” in front of that title, but I feel I have not attained such a promotion yet, as flattered as I am about the gesture. After time struggling to find my niche, my calling……it turns out it has been staring me in the face since I was a teenager. While others have found their paths as Witches, Shamans, Magicians, Pagan Writers, Scholars, Guides — I am a Devotee to the Divine. I am a Priestess.

When I was in high school, I wanted to be a minister or clergy person so I could honor the Divine. But I was a girl and the thought of being a nun made me shudder. In my 20’s it was the New Age Movement but it was too fluffy, no structure. Finally in my mid-20’s Wicca discovered me, grabbed me by the hand, and showed me what came naturally. And it welcomed, heck, revered female clergy.

I am not exactly sure what will manifest from my newfound acceptance of who I am. I am a reluctant Priestess after all. 😉 But something tells me it will involve writing and possibly erecting / attending a temple for those in the area. Perhaps even a book and a few guiding lectures. Who knows. As with anything, start small and simple and build it up from there.

Happy Double Anniversary to me.


One thought on “Happy Double Anniversary to Me

  1. Kim says:

    Happy anniversaries! It was really nice getting to know a little more about your path; thanks for sharing this.

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