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The Company I work for was undergoing a bit of a hiring splurge this past week.  Nothing major, we only needed three new people for our division, but in this day and age that is considered a “splurge”.

One of the newly hired would become an addition to our fairly tight-knit team.  We welcomed the notion of embracing new blood….er….a new victim…..oops….a new co-worker into the fold, so our Team Lead asked the rest of us what we would want to know about the potential candidate.  You see, the first round had to pass the Big Boss and the second round had to undergo a panel interview with all three Team Leads.  It was that panel interview where my Team Lead wanted to know what questions she should ask, other than the out-of-date standard, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Questions about goals and teamwork popped up.  Even a funny one about if the person likes bunnies.  I rolled my chair over and said quite matter-of-factly,  “When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, what would be their weapon of choice?”


“Truly.  Would it be a cricket bat, machete, sawed-off shot gun?  These are things we need to know.”  My Team Lead shrugged and wrote it down while the rest of us chuckled.

I am a devout believer than interviews should not being boring and suck.

During the first panel interview there was a moment of laughter and exclamations of “oh my gosh”-ness coming from behind the closed conference room door.  When they came out, I learned my Team Lead DID ask my question to the surprise of others, especially the candidate.  Then throughout the rest of afternoon I could hear cubicle debates of shotgun vs baseball bat vs sword vs grenades.  I had planted a geeky seed and it was spreading.

Throughout the rest of week, little tidbits about my Zombie Apocalypse question got back to me.  My Team Lead shared that one candidate answered with a creative Harry Potter twist — she would use Harry’s invisibility cloak and the Griffyndor sword to sneak up behind the zombies to behead them.  Impressive. Another candidate had started laughing and said, “This is the BEST JOB INTERVIEW EVER!”

Then yesterday I heard my boss approach me.  “Ms. Mutant?”

“Uh oh.”  I turned in my chair.  Boss leaned against my desk and shared with me the conversation they just had with HR over at the corporate office.  When HR followed up with the candidates for the post-interview feedback, they heard something very interesting.

“They asked about the Zombie Apocalypse question because all the candidate made a mention of it.  I explained it was from one of the teams, specifically you, and they laughed.  They thought it was awesome.”

Oh yes.  The zombie infection is spreading and they’ll only have me to blame.


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