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I tried.  I 12,000 words tried, but alas winning will not happen this year.

All November long I did my best to psyche myself up to go 6 for 6 (6 novels, 6 wins).  “Don’t break your winning streak!”  “You’ve been looking forward to this all year!”  “K would not want his death to interfere with something you love to do!”

I even attended two write-ins to help motivate my heavy heart to a lighter place.  The Muses would be kind to me, right?  Ironically, my NaNo novel is about Muses and my inspiration this year was so lackluster it was a puddle of inky goo.  Apparently the Muses felt I should focus on something else this November.

Turns out they were right.  Thanksgiving weekend, the weekend all NaNo’ers use to cram as many words into four days and between turkey and stuffing as possible, was something completely different.  I had my Giving Thanks meal, surrounded by friends, but thanks to a penny-pinching ex-landlord, I was hooked into cleaning up my dead roommate’s apartment.  An apartment where my 30 Day Notice was accepted and I was no longer living in for six weeks.

Yes, ex-landlord strong-armed me into taking care of something that was legally not my responsibility, but my overwhelming sense of duty, of making sure my best friend’s belongings were taken care of, overrode my desire to rip the ex-landlord a new one.  So for three days, myself, a few friends, and a few of his family members decluttered the mess, donated to Goodwill, divvied up some belongings to his daughters, and then cleaned the place to the best of our abilities.

Three days.

We were all exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed.  But it’s done.  I’m sure the ex-landlord will find something to complain about and threaten to send me the bill.  Honestly, our deposit was around $3,200.  If the ex-landlord cannot fix the place up back into rental condition for under that amount, he needs to find a new career.

So, last night, after unloading my car and showering, I realized a month’s worth of death and loss was finally at a close.  And I was still only at 12,000 words.

I relent.  This NaNo has beaten me, but I do plan on finishing my Muse story, just not in November.  A few weeks ago I purchased the WINNER 2011 tee-shirt because I figured it would motivate me to finish as I would not want to wear a lie.  Well, there will be no 50,000 word finish line, but I guess from another perspective, I was a Winner this month in regards to what Life dealt.


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