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Photo Credit goes to the ever-cool Mr. Kyle Cassidy.

Amanda Fucking Palmer has made history. Her Kickstarter is bringing just over $1,150,000 in roughly 30 days. Money that will go towards her new album, touring, costumes, commissions for an art book, personal concerts, and so much, much more. This woman does not do anything half-assed; she is going for superb quality and something beautiful that will stand the test of time. Or survive the approaching zombie apocalypse (Thanks Florida!).

I admire her drive and her “I’m going to live a creative fucking life!!” Tonight is her Block Party countdown. It’s livestreaming at partyontheinternet.com. And sitting in a plastic bubble is Amanda and her band, ripping pages out of phone books that have every single name of those who contributed and placing them up for all to see. Over 24,000 people contributed so far. Personally, I think she can reach 25,000 before time runs out. I giggled when I saw my name. Although I’m on the other side of the country, I feel like I’m a part of something pretty fucking wonderful. 🙂


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