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It is November 4th, do I know where my word count is?

Actually, yes!  5,012!

My count is right on track and I am very pleased about this.*  Last November was very rough with having to deal with the unexpected death of a friend and then having the heartbreaking task of dealing with his estate Thanksgiving weekend because those legally responsible did not want to.  If it were not for a handful of amazing friends, I would not have survived the month.

I made it through, my NaNo novel did not.  Only 11,000 words and some change were created and I reluctantly admitted defeat with my first NaNo loss.  My six year winning streak was crushed.

NaNoWriMo has hippty-hopped back into my life once more and I have grabbed it by the scruff with determination to win. My boss has assigned herself as my official workplace cheerleader.  A Vancouver ML, and also one of my closest friends, is inspiring me to write like the wind.  And this year, I am really enjoying my story.

by Debbie Ridpath Ohi.  inkygirl.com/wwfc

This wonderful toon fits my mood nicely.  I have been a NaNo participant since 2006 and in all honesty, it will not matter how many years I have put myself through this 50,000 word agony, I always panic in some form or another.  Last year it was my dismal word count; this year I had no story / character outline until Halloween.  EEEEEP!!  Not a frakin’ thing was clicking for me and I really wanted my story to be something I would look forward to writing, not dreading it with all my procrastinating tricks (eg: Chores, reorganizing the sock drawer, hitting the forums, washing the cat, etc).

My standard M.O. is to write in spurts: 3,000 words every other day.  This year I am adopting the not-unheard-of strategy of writing every single day.  Novel concept.**  My goal is to not freak myself out and to find joy in the creative process.  Last year was a NaNo of immense stress and sadness.  I want to change that energy.

This year will be a NaNo of energetic inspiration and humorous creativity!  This year, I shall…..

*Make note how I am not using contractions — it is a NaNo thing.

**Tacky pun was totally worth it.


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