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Ever since the first iPad was released, I have been biding my time.  Back then my thought was, “Why would I need a tablet if I have my handy MacBook?”  So I waited to see where this new technology would lead; it’s my usual SOP when it comes to newly released gadgets.  I waited for the improvements and kinks to be ironed out.  This Mutant has never owned a first edition of anything (Not even books. *sigh*).

Over the years as iPad 2, iPad 3 rolled out and then a few competitors in the Kindle Fire and eventually Nook HD, I figured the moment had come to revisit this fascination with tablets.  For some people, it works seamlessly into their lifestyle.  For others it is more of movies/gaming on-the-go.  And for the few who cannot figure out the OS, it becomes a shiny paper weight or an overcompensating coaster.

Two months ago I started my research into all the different tablets available on the market.  Whereas I am a fan of Apple, I am not a fan of their iPad pricing.  A bit too steep for my meager wages.  Another factor – I was not too keen on the 9.5″ size.  I’ve been a happy Android phone owner for almost two years and whereas the Google Nexus fit my size and pricing, the 16G storage was not enough to get me to buy it.

So, I waited to see if the rumors were true.

Late October came and revealed the iPad Mini and the Nexus 7 in 32G.  For me it was a no brainer.  A quality 32GB Asus tablet running Jellybean 4.2 was more cost effective than the 16G Mini.  Ladies and Gents, I introduce you to my new toy.


I’ve named her Abby Arcanum Watson or “Abby” for short.  I figured honoring a goth forensic scientist, a nod to the esoteric and Sherlock’s right hand man was appropriate.  The Ultimate Sidekick who can access the portal of all fonts of information and knowledge and all my current Words With Friends games.

The retractable stylus (purchased separately) is quite nifty and being one who is very conscientious of taking care of her toys, I dressed Abby in a Blurex Ultra-Slim case in Tangelo.  Granted, not very much a goth color but it is MY color.  I even have a microfiber cloth at the ready to clean up the fingerprint smudges.

A friend of mine asked me, “Why did you get a tablet?”  At the time, I honestly did not know.  It was more out of curiosity and to see what the big deal was.  But now that I own one, I am enjoying the exploration process and figuring out where I can utilize Abby in my every day life.


One thought on “Late to the game but worth it

  1. I too am the proud owner of a Nexus 7 32 GB tablet. I went with the Nexus for many of the same reasons you outlined. After about a week using it, I’m totally convinced that I made the correct choice. Have fun with yours!

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