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I shared this Facebook post from author and inspiring human being, Elizabeth Gilbert, on NYE  with the thought, “I did this once for 2014, but it was a different theme. It was a blessing/gratitude jar. I wrote down anything I was thankful for throughout the year. Not every day; only when something really stuck in my head as amazing.”

I did not do this for 2015. I think it showed because the whole year was a sieve; I was only able to collect a few positive blurs when I knew 2015 was filled with so much more.

Inspired by the slight change in theme, yesterday on January 1st, I swung by Goodwill and found my Happiness Bowl (Go big or or go home, right?). Grabbing a scrap of paper and a pen from my coffee cup-filled collection, I jotted down one from 12/31 and another from 1/1. It was not difficult to do and that moment allowed me to STOP, breathe, and reflect rather than get swept up in the DO ALL THE THINGS expectations we put upon ourselves.

Every night before bed, my intent is to focus on the small happys because those are the ones that get easily lost in the din of Life ‘N’ Stuff.

2016-01-02 07.35.12


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