Undiluted Type

Priestess. Writer. Geek.

Mutant considers herself a geek within moderate parameters.

Whereas there are all flavors of Geek from Gaming to Movies to Pop Culture to High Tech to MOST THINGS APPLE, she considers herself moderate because of the following:

*has been to only two Cons in her life
*does not cosplay or read fanfic
*does not LARP though knows what it is
*does not collect memorabilia although she did have an expensive run with some BtVS prop replicas and action figures a few years ago…..

She could also be seriously considered to having her Membership revoked because she is not feverishly into:

*Lord of the Rings
*H.P. Lovecraft
*cyberpunk / technopunk
*Starcraft (But knows full well who Day9 is)
*has played ONE game of D&D in her life
*iPhones because Android is simply better

So what the frak is Mutant into? Here, let’s give you another list. We like lists:

*Firefly / Serenity
*Wonder Woman
*Classic horror / sci-fi movies
*Neil Gaiman
*Comics (especially Wonder Woman, but is familiar with most of the DC/Marvel mythos)
*Alien franchise
*Video Games (Proud Achievement unlocked when completed the original Silent Hill and both Baldour’s Gates without cheats) Also is not ashamed to admit at one point she has owned the Xbox 360 console, PSP, and Nintendo DS.
*Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls (Drop all the Legendaries!)
*Star Trek
*Music from Duran Duran to AC/DC to mashups to Queen to Weird Al to Amanda Palmer to Led Zeppelin to musicals
*Monty Python (Don’t you oppress me)
*BBC’s Sherlock
*Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
*Dark, delicious stouts and very peaty whiskeys (It had to make the list, it’s important stuff)


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