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I love how art transforms.  It can transform perspectives, ideas, and even mediums.  How its beginnings can be a spark in one person’s mind and connect to so many others through inspiration.  I do not mean to sound all philosophical, but that is exactly what happened when it came to my Wonder Woman tattoo.

Roughly twenty years ago I acquired my first patch of ink.  It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted permanently placed upon my skin because I wanted it to mean something.  Something I’ve loved since childhood, not just in recent years.  A piece that I would still enjoy well into my sixties, seventies, and beyond with no regrets.  That is where she came in:  Wonder Woman, Amazon, Diana, Princess of Themyscria.  I owned towers of her comic books and watched the campy television show faithfully as a kid.  She was my symbol of Balance and all the fantastic possibilities a woman could be.  Wonder Woman was and is limitless to me.

Fast forward to my early twenties and you’d find me sitting in a little tattoo parlor on the Eastside, getting etched the WW symbol on my upper arm.  The tattoo artist even included hokey blue and red stars, but at the time I didn’t care.  It was my first tattoo and I was thrilled.  Over the years I protected that ink with sunscreen and would occasionally have to explain to strangers why it was NOT the World Wrestling Federation logo inked on my arm.

I don’t know exactly why this year I decided to make some changes in my life.  There is nothing particularly spectacular or relevant about the year 2014, but for the longest time as the ink thinned under my skin, I decided it was time for an upgrade.  The Powers That Be (TM) must have heard me because within a few months every little thing clicked into place like a Tetris game.

First, I was greatly inspired by Meagan Marie’s interpretation of Warrior Wonder Woman.  A professional cosplayer in her spare time, photos of Meagan’s cosplay were placed upon the interwebz and the moment I saw what she helped create, I KNEW that’s what I wanted for my tattoo.  I never considered Wonder Woman strictly a diplomat or Goddess of Truth.  At her core Wonder Woman is also an Amazon.  A Warrior.  One who defends the weak and brings justice to the guilty.  Megan’s artistic collaboration with illustrator Tess Fowler personified it.

If I am citing my sources correctly, Meagan approached Tess with an idea for a Warrior Wonder Woman costume.  They collaborated on the design and when it was finalized, Meagan created the costume. You may read about Meagan’s experience with Warrior Wonder Woman here http://www.meagan-marie.com/warriorwonderwoman/#more-3323 on her blog.  She goes into great account of what it took to bring this project to life.  

Once created, it was then photographed.  It was that photo session which created two of my favorites pieces. This one….

Meagan Marie / Warrior Wonder Woman

I bought a print of this particular shot when Meagan Marie had a limited time offer. Proceeds went to charity.

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tag-icon-set-1098659-mFor a pagan community who despise labels, there is sure a lot of labeling going on.

Calling myself Wiccan is equivalent to trying to fit into a size 8 little black dress.  I’ve expanded to where it does not fit my needs anymore and the size 12 version does not interest me.  Neither does Pagan, but I suppose it’s the closest one of the bunch.  Mystic is probably more accurate, but why do we care?  Why do we care so much about what label we identify ourselves with?  Blame society I suppose, but on some level we see ourselves as a Product and Products need labels.  Because to be complete as human beings, we must offer a service.  Simply Being will not do.  One can BE creative or BE spiritual or BE wise but if you don’t put an action behind that Being then you are a half empty container.  DO something creative, DO spiritual action, DO wise counsel.  Become your Service.

I have a thousand labels and not a single one defines Me.  Am I nutty and wise?  Am I inspiration and destruction?  Am I woman and soul?  Am I stubborn and complex?  Am I fierce and undiluted?  Yeah.  Uh-huh. Absolutely.

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First day at PantheaCon was slightly surreal.  My friend and I arrived the afternoon before with such slick travel chemistry, we suffered not a glitch, bump or delay in our flight.  Our room was ready ahead of schedule and luggage exploded as we settled in for our stay.  Friday morning we woke up at 6am (OH GOD THIRTY to others) and vowed to start each day with a healthy, robust breakfast. We rendezvoused with our friend and Tarotist, Jaymi Elford, as we talked about which panels we would see while inhaling eggs, hash browns, bacon, orange juice, bacon, coffee, toast, bacon and bacon.  Jaymi had to dart to the Vending Room to help set up the Tarot Media Company’s booth.  Meanwhile my friend, who from this point forth shall be known as Hedwig, and I stood in line for our coveted badges.

I found it rather humourous I was standing in line behind the same man I stood behind last year.  The difference being, last year we were newly acquainted and this year we were Con Friends.  That was surreal part number one (Pinch me!  Am I really back at PantheaCon?).  The second was seeing Selena Fox the day before, greeting her with a smile and having her come over with such genuine enthusiasm, you’d think we’d been friends for decades.  I adore Selena.  Not just as a very capable priestess but as a human being.

Badges were successfully acquired (Achievement unlocked!) and I opted to kill time waiting for the Vending Room to open by scoping out the booths in the main hall.  Overall, I purchased a new belt and bustle from Blue Moon Designs, a drool-worthy TARDIS mug from Gaean Allusions and some Doctor Who themed buttons (“Are you my Mummy?”).  Oh yeah, and I bought a new drum.  *face palm*

Holds infinite coffee on the inside.

Holds infinite amount of coffee on the inside.

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Ever since the first iPad was released, I have been biding my time.  Back then my thought was, “Why would I need a tablet if I have my handy MacBook?”  So I waited to see where this new technology would lead; it’s my usual SOP when it comes to newly released gadgets.  I waited for the improvements and kinks to be ironed out.  This Mutant has never owned a first edition of anything (Not even books. *sigh*).

Over the years as iPad 2, iPad 3 rolled out and then a few competitors in the Kindle Fire and eventually Nook HD, I figured the moment had come to revisit this fascination with tablets.  For some people, it works seamlessly into their lifestyle.  For others it is more of movies/gaming on-the-go.  And for the few who cannot figure out the OS, it becomes a shiny paper weight or an overcompensating coaster.

Two months ago I started my research into all the different tablets available on the market.  Whereas I am a fan of Apple, I am not a fan of their iPad pricing.  A bit too steep for my meager wages.  Another factor – I was not too keen on the 9.5″ size.  I’ve been a happy Android phone owner for almost two years and whereas the Google Nexus fit my size and pricing, the 16G storage was not enough to get me to buy it.

So, I waited to see if the rumors were true.

Late October came and revealed the iPad Mini and the Nexus 7 in 32G.  For me it was a no brainer.  A quality 32GB Asus tablet running Jellybean 4.2 was more cost effective than the 16G Mini.  Ladies and Gents, I introduce you to my new toy.


I’ve named her Abby Arcanum Watson or “Abby” for short.  I figured honoring a goth forensic scientist, a nod to the esoteric and Sherlock’s right hand man was appropriate.  The Ultimate Sidekick who can access the portal of all fonts of information and knowledge and all my current Words With Friends games.

The retractable stylus (purchased separately) is quite nifty and being one who is very conscientious of taking care of her toys, I dressed Abby in a Blurex Ultra-Slim case in Tangelo.  Granted, not very much a goth color but it is MY color.  I even have a microfiber cloth at the ready to clean up the fingerprint smudges.

A friend of mine asked me, “Why did you get a tablet?”  At the time, I honestly did not know.  It was more out of curiosity and to see what the big deal was.  But now that I own one, I am enjoying the exploration process and figuring out where I can utilize Abby in my every day life.

Holy crap.  It’s been a month since NaNo ended and I never updated this blog with the outcome.  I will perform a self-flogging later, but in the meantime, let me breakdown the last week of November.

Screen shot 2012-11-26 at 8.54.13 AM

More accurately, I somehow managed to don my Wonder Woman gauntlets and pound out 20,000 words in under 3 days.  One day I wrote 10,111 words in 9 hours.  Oh yeah.

Getting to the home stretch was difficult.  It always is. I gave myself a deadline of Tuesday, November 27th, 6pm.  My motivation was intense.  I had the entire week after Thanksgiving off and I was going to be damned if there stressing about NaNo during MY vacation.

Cue my frame of mind…..

Screen shot 2012-11-29 at 11.52.03 AM

I crossed the 50,304 line and finished my story at exactly 6:15pm.  Although I was alone in my living room, I cranked up AC/DC’s “Back in Black” and there was much air guitaring.  Jameson looked at me like cats do and I continued to celebrate like a silly girl.  I popped open the bottle of champagne I reserved for the occasion and did a few victory laps around my apartment.

I did it.  I fucking did it.  After losing last year, I was balls-to-the-wall determined not to be defeated again.  There were tears and laughter and much sipping of the bubbly.  The next three hours were spent on Facebook and the NaNo page celebrating and rah-rahing other NaNo’ers to their victory dances.

Official badge makes it official.


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