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The other night I had a rather detailed dream. I was in a new agey bookstore where they were having their monthly psychic fair. The place was packed. As I was only there to rendezvous with a friend, who was running late, I merely found an empty chair and waited patiently.

A bearded man approached me, the proprietor of the store, and handed me a bag full of beads and charms and pendants. It was one of those “Design Your Own” bags and this one had all the supplies I needed to design my own necklace. I looked through and noticed all the beads were a mixture of lapis and turquoise. There was even a thunderbird pendant and a few little charms of a witch’s hat, a broom, and a scrying mirror.

The storekeeper said I needed to make this, so when I awoke later that morning, I felt compelled to follow through with those instructions.

I dug through old jewelry and was able to find my lapis and turquoise. I picked my favorite pendant to symbolize the thunderbird. After an hour of scavenging and beading, I created this. On the first try. No redos.

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